Who We Are

Who We Are:


Thank you for visiting the SGBCNorthport website.  We are thankful that you are interested in our congregation.


SGBCNorthport is an assembly of believers with a heart for the ministry of Jesus.  Our desire is to follow His direction, which is revealed to us as His Spirit guides us through His Word.  The aim of our church is to follow the Bible exclusively.  No creed, covenant, confession of faith or historical tradition will guide our church.  Our cry is “Sola Scriptura” – by Scripture alone. 


We are a church that has a love for people.  Our desire is that you would visit here so we can extend Christian hospitality to you.  The true objective of SGBCNorthport is to share the truths of God’s Word with all who visit.  We want to be used by God to equip His people to serve Him.


Within the people at SGBCNorthport is a heart of worship.  Through the singing of praises to Him and the preaching of His Word, we desire to lift up the One Who saved us – the One Who is worthy of our worship and praise. 


Please accept this invitation to join us soon.  Sunday School begins at 10:00.  We have a children’s class, a younger adult class and an adult class.  Worship begins at 11:00.  Rather than an evening service, we have a Bible Study at 12:15, which is generally the study of a Biblical book. 


We hope to see you soon!

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